Tasmania - Come Down For Air - summer 2022/23

For many Australians, holidays have become an extension of the pressures of daily life: often competitive, goal-oriented, busy and over-planned. There is growing sentiment, particularly since COVID-19, towards slowing down and simplifying holidays.

Tasmania - Come Down For Air is an invitation to come to Tasmania and take a break from everyday stress and routine. The campaign creates space and calm in busy advertising environments to ensure Tasmania continues to stand out in a competitive tourism marketplace.

The campaign highlights simple, joyful and mindful moments of a holiday in Tasmania. It shows audiences that here you can feel freed from the expectations of modern life, with the choice to do everything or nothing without fear of judgement or guilt.

Target audiences for the campaign include mainland Australians who are looking to explore, encounter new experiences and connect with nature and local producers.

Tourism Tasmania will deliver the campaign through paid media activity in high-reaching channels of broadcast television and on-demand, online video, cinema, print, radio, social media and digital ads. It will also feature on out-of-home advertising including billboards, street furniture and public transport.

The campaign is supported by content on Tourism Tasmania’s Discover Tasmania website (discovertasmania.com.au) and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter).

The Come Down For Air summer 2022/23 campaign is in market from 28 November 2022 until 13 March 2023.  


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