Unordinary Adventures

The Unordinary Adventures program is a Tourism Tasmania initiative to encourage the regional dispersal of visitors across our island and increase the contribution they make to our local communities. The program will also position Tasmania as a leading destination to be placed firmly on our visitors' bucket lists.

The Unordinary Adventures program will inspire visitors who travel to pursue their passions. It will showcase our world-class experiences and add breadth and depth to Tourism Tasmania's marketing program.

Tourism Tasmania will deliver the program in close partnership with industry, taking a shared approach to marketing our world-class destination.

Our unordinary adventures can be enjoyed the world over. However, we believe there is no better place on earth to enjoy them than in Tasmania. Our unique Tasmanian hospitality and our stunning environment elevates these adventures beyond just ordinary. Enthusiasts that come to Tasmania for golf, fly fishing, walking or mountain biking will experience their passion in a way like never before. Unordinary Adventures speaks to this and our belief that enjoying the Tasmanian version of our visitor’s passion will leave a profound and lasting impression on them.

For more program details see Unordinary Adventures [PDF 2 MB]

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

As wild trout fisheries become rarer around the world, Tasmania's self-sustaining wild trout stocks in wild places are delivering the thrill of the hunt fly fishers are chasing. Tasmania's crystal waters bring the trout closer to the angler making the fish clearly visible, but Tasmania's wild trout elude even the most experienced angler, testing both patience and stealth. Tasmania has earned a reputation for some of the best sight-fishing in the world with many fly fishers visiting just for this reason. Tasmania will also host the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships, the second time the state has played host to this event, proving the lakes, rivers and streams and the wild trout within offer the perfect environment to test the skills of the best fly fishers in the world.

What makes us unordinary?

  • Arguably the purest strain of wild brown trout on earth
  • World-class sight-fishing
  • The genuine and unpretentious characters of our fly fishing guides

For more information see the:

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Unordinary Adventures Fly Fishing Fact File [PDF 765kb]

Fly Fishing Enthusiast Profile [PDF 512kb]

Mountain biking

An explosion of new mountain biking trails has catapulted Tasmania to global world-class mountain biking status. The island's compact nature offers trails across varied landscapes with undulating terrains and fast downhill rides to challenge even the most experienced riders. With Blue Derby in the north-east, Maydena Bike Park in the south, trails scattered throughout the regions and plenty of old school tracks on the west coast, it's fair to say Tasmania has mountain biking covered for mountain bikers of all levels. Added to the breadth of trails, Tasmania has played host to the Enduro World Series at Blue Derby on two occasions, with the Detonate Trail Stage 2 voted best trail of the entire Enduro World Series 2017.

What makes us unordinary?

  • Trails are built within Tasmanian wilderness, with stunning scenery and landscapes as part of the experience
  • World-renowned trail design and quality
  • Many of Tasmania's mountain bike trails are located in quintessential Tasmanian country villages, offering a unique experience and a deep connection with the landscape.

For more information see the:

Unordinary Adventures Mountain Biking Fact File [PDF 965kb]

Mountain Biking Enthusiast Profile [PDF 575kb]


Tasmania's golf courses offer dramatic coastal views built on rugged terrain with many certainly not your average manicured course. Four of the top ten golf courses, as ranked by Australia's Top 100 Golf Courses in Golf Digest 2018, are in Tasmania. Cape Wickham is a worthy recipient sitting at No 3. This King Island course presents a rare and dramatic mix of coastal holes that lean gently towards the ocean, with the eleventh hole positioned almost in the sea. Ocean Dunes, also on King Island, overlooks the Great Southern Ocean, with subtle rolling greens in the mould of Scotland's great links courses. On the main island, Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm have wide-open fairways and holes overlooking Bass Strait winding through coast and dunes, offering golfers an unforgettable experience and connection to the landscape.

What makes us unordinary?

  • The high number of top-ranked and world-class golf courses, which are also accessible to the general public
  • Golf courses designed and built around dramatic coastlines with undulating topography
  • The challenging conditions of playing golf in unpredictable Tasmanian weather (which makes it rewarding!).

For more information see the:

Golf campaign website

Golf campaign - industry information

Unordinary Adventures Golf Fact File [PDF 855kb]

Golf Enthusiast Profile [PDF 470kb]


Tasmania has long been a mecca for walkers and has received many accolades for its world-renowned walks in the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area. Tasmania's ancient landscapes and endemic flora and fauna make Tasmania the ultimate bushwalking destination, earning the state a world-class reputation for bushwalking. Tasmania has multiple iconic multi-day walks including the Overland Track in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, the Three Capes Walk in south-east Tasmania, and the recently opened wukalina walk in north-east Tasmania. Tasmania also has a plethora of other short and multi-day walks which also command national and global significance for their diverse landscapes, from glacial alpine mountains to beaches and coastal environments.

What makes us unordinary?

  • Our collection of iconic walks, from short walks through to multi-day walks
  • Many trails are found within the 1.5 million hectares of Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area
  • Close and regular encounters with Tasmania's endemic wildlife.

For more information see the:

Unordinary Adventures Walking Fact File [PDF 754kb]

Walking Enthusiast Profile [PDF 398kb]

Images from top:

Fly fishing / Samuel Shelley; Maydena Bike Park / Kane Naaraat and; Cape Wickham Golf Course / Stuart Gibson; Barn Bluff, Overland Track / Emiliee Ristevski

July 30 2021