Our Commitment

The tourism industry makes an important contribution to the state and to Tasmanians. It represents and celebrates the best of Tasmania and our way of life as well as supporting communities and jobs around the state.

We understand that with this comes a deep responsibility to honour and maintain what’s special about this place and its people.

As a destination marketing organisation that connects with visitors through storytelling, we acknowledge our role and the opportunity we have to connect visitors with Tasmania’s environment, people and culture and our deep and complex history.

We want all visitors to feel welcome and are committed to working closely with both industry and our diverse communities to understand, package and communicate accessible and inclusive visitor experiences.

Tourism Tasmania’s board, executive and team are committed to ongoing and meaningful engagement with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community to ensure our role as a marketing organisation supports their aspirations for involvement in the sector.

As an organisation, we are committed to growing our knowledge and understanding of Tasmanian Aboriginal history and culture through respectful engagement and action within our program. This commitment is ongoing, and we will work closely with Tasmanian Aboriginal people to ensure we continue to respectfully sustain this commitment through our work.

Our Commitment:

  • Ensure Tasmania’s Aboriginal community feel culturally safe and welcome during engagement with our agency.

  • Consult with Tasmania’s Aboriginal community on how we can support them to share their stories, songs, art and culture with visitors and the Tasmanian community.

  • Appropriately acknowledge and represent Tasmania’s deep and complex history fully, respectfully and truthfully through our program.

  • Support the marketing and promotion of existing and emerging Tasmanian Aboriginal tourism experiences to our visitors.

  • Share our knowledge and expertise of the tourism industry to support their aspirations for engagement with this sector.