Tasmanian Visitor Survey

The Tasmanian Visitor Survey (TVS) provides a profile of the characteristics, travel behaviour and expenditure of international and domestic visitors to Tasmania.

The survey is acknowledged as the most reliable source of statistical data on visitors to Tasmania, being based on an exit sample of more than 9000 visitors to Tasmania each year. As an island, visitors are counted as they depart from Tasmania's air and sea ports - a real advantage for data collection.

Tasmanian Tourism Snapshot

The latest TVS results, along with additional data provided by Tourism Research Australia, are published in our quarterly Tasmanian Tourism Snapshot.

TVS Analyser

Data collected through the Tasmanian Visitor Survey is stored in our survey database.

Data includes:

  • Total visitors to Tasmania
  • Nights spent in Tasmania
  • Expenditure
  • Accommodation
  • Places visited, including overnight
  • Visitor demographics

TVS questionnaire

Current TVS questionnaire:

TVS Reliability and interpretation notes

Visitor estimates under 5,000 are subject to high sampling variability and should be used with caution.

TVS survey estimates are subject to random sampling error. When interpreting these figures, readers are advised to consult the Tasmanian Visitor Survey - Confidence intervals tables [PDF 137KB] before drawing conclusion from the TVS data.

Due to updated sampling and weighting procedures from 13 July 2014, some Tasmanian Visitor Survey estimates have been historically revised to allow for comparability over time. See the TVS upgrade [PDF 199KB] for more details.