Tourism Fast Facts

The following is a quick guide to visitation to Tasmania and tourism's contribution to the Tasmanian economy.

Contribution to the Tasmanian economy

  • Tourism in Tasmania directly and indirectly contributes around $2.59 billion or 6.7 per cent to Tasmania’s Gross State Product (GSP)
  • Tourism directly contributes $1.38 billion or about 3.5 per cent to Tasmania's Gross Product.
  • Tourism directly and indirectly supports around 37,300 filled jobs in Tasmania or about 12.1 per cent of total Tasmanian filled jobs - the highest share in the country.

Visitors to Tasmania

  • A total of 1,257,800 people visited Tasmania on scheduled air and sea services during the year ending December 2023, not including cruise ships.
  • These visitors spent a total of 12.2 million nights in Tasmania.
  • Visitors spent a total of $3.633 billion on accommodation, attractions, tours, transport and other goods and services during this period.  

Updated 29 May 2024