What We Do

Tourism Tasmania is a State Authority that is focused on brand management and generating demand for leisure visitors to the state.

It is the Tasmanian Government’s lead agency in the T21 visitor economy partnership by actively managing and contributing tourism expertise to strategy and policy development for the benefit of all Tasmanians.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to connect travellers emotionally and culturally with our island, drive visitation and lead a sustainable visitor economy that delivers social, environmental and economic value for all Tasmanians.

We deliver our purpose through:

  • Celebrating our unique place and way of life, through our brand platform and marketing program, to connect meaningfully with customers and encourage travel to Tasmania.
  • Leading the T21 Visitor Economy Strategy planning and implementation on behalf of government to enable a sustainable visitor economy for the benefit of all Tasmanians.
  • Advocating and securing air and sea capacity to support visitors and the community to travel in and out of Tasmania.

Our management structure