Tasmania – Come Down For Air

The state’s evolved tourism brand Tasmania - Come Down For Air invites travellers to take a break from the stress and routine of their everyday lives. When everywhere can feel generic – our potential visitors are being encouraged to feel more human on an island of difference.

Tasmania - Come Down For Air celebrates everything about our home. It captures our sense of being and provides a platform to communicate who we are as people. Here in Tasmania we have a unique perspective on life and we’re inviting others to join us.

Tasmania - Come Down For Air is being showcased through a range of channels including television, cinema, print, as well as social and digital advertisements. See examples of the campaign creative.

Watch this video to hear more about Tasmania – Come Down For Air and how we are communicating the brand with audiences.

Working with Industry

You may have questions about the brand or would like to understand more about how to get involved with our work. Here’s a few ways to do that.