Tasmania – Come Down For Air

Tasmania - Come Down For Air is the over-arching brand platform that underpins Tourism Tasmania’s destination marketing. The brand platform sets us apart in a competitive tourism marketplace, positioning Tasmania as the ‘antidote to the straitjacket of modern life’ and inviting travellers to come and escape the stress and routine of everyday life.

Tasmania - Come Down For Air celebrates everything about our home. It captures our sense of being and provides a platform to communicate who we are as people. When everywhere can feel generic, our potential visitors are being encouraged to feel more human on an island of difference. Here in Tasmania, we have a unique perspective on life and we’re welcoming others to join us.

Watch this video to hear more about Tasmania – Come Down For Air and how we are communicating the brand with audiences.



To see examples of current and past campaigns, visit Marketing - Campaigns

Working with Industry

You may have questions about the brand or would like to understand more about how to get involved with our work. Here are a few ways to do that.

  • Download the Come Down For Air information sheet

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  • Get involved with your regional tourism organisation:

    If you are a tourism industry operator, being involved with your regional tourism organisation is really important. We work with them closely and they are an important connection point with us.

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