The Off Season 2024

Winter is when Tasmania – and Tasmanians – are at our most unique. We’re built to handle winter, and we do it properly. It’s when our anti-ordinariness and creative spirit shines the brightest. In winter, Tasmania is packed full of stimulating experiences.

Launching in April 2024, the Off Season campaign shows mainlanders that Tasmania has unique winter experiences like nowhere else. The campaign aims to reduce seasonality and drive winter visitation by encouraging Australians to book a winter holiday with a difference.

Download the Off Season 2024 Industry Toolkit

To help you with planning over the April – August period, we have also created a monthly overview of key events, festivals and business events that will influence visitors to your region, along with an update on Tourism Tasmania’s Off Season brand campaign and partnership activity focused on driving visitors to the state.

Download the Winter 2024 Program

Join us for an industry update as we move into the winter season. Hear the latest tourism market outlook, preview our upcoming Off Season campaign, and learn how you can leverage the campaign in your own business.

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Submitting an Off Season Offer

All tourism operators in Tasmania can submit an Off Season offer by 31 March, regardless of whether you have participated in the Offers Support Program.  

If you have an offer ready to go, you can enter the following details into our online form

You can submit up to three offers for consideration. To complete the form, the following information is required separately for each offer:  

  1. Offer title - A catchy title or offer name (max 55 characters – including spaces) that entices customers to want to read more.  
  2. Offer description - The detail of your offer (max 350 characters – including spaces). You might consider length/duration, inclusions, location, how many people can participate, what they will experience, etc.  
  3. Offer terms and conditions - Outline your terms and conditions upfront. This might be: important dates that your offer is available; other relevant booking information including your cancellation and refund policy, etc. If you’d rather save this information for your website, you will still need to enter something here to acknowledge this, for example: “Full terms and conditions are available on the Off Season page on our website.”  
  4. Dates - finish before the end of the Off Season period on 31 August (e.g. an event), let us know: we will remove the offer on the final date.  
  5. Price and/or comment - E.g. ‘$75’ or ‘From $200 twin share’.  
  6. Image - Add one image to depict your offer. The usual ATDW rules apply: we can resize images for you, but images must be 1600 x 1200 pixels (landscape orientation) and be less than 10MB file size. You should also add alt text (max 100 characters) to describe/caption the image.  
  7. Offer URL - This is important. If a consumer likes your offer, they will click for more information – so they must land somewhere that allows them to learn more, or book your offer. If you don’t have a landing page ready when you submit your offer, you will need to add it to the offer in your ATDW profile or share the URL with us and we’ll update it for you. Digital support is one of the elements offered in the Offer Support Program: please apply if you need help creating a landing page or adding your offer to your website.  

Our team will work through each offer that is submitted, and once approved we’ll add the details to your ATDW profile for you. Offers will be displayed on our website and app from April 2024 once the Off Season campaign is live.   

To submit an Off Season Offer for 2024, see the submission form

For more information, key dates, and a guide to creating an offer, download the Off Season 2024 Industry Toolkit.


The Off Season 2024 campaign overview

Chief Marketing Officer, Lindene Cleary, discusses what the Off Season campaign is about, how it will look and how we'll talk about it for 2024.