Frequently asked questions

Who is Tourism Tasmania targeting with Tasmania - Come Down for Air?

We target two separate audiences with our marketing campaigns, Raw Urbanites and Erudites.  Together, these two audiences account for 33 per cent of the travelling Australian public.   They seek holidays based on their needs of enrichment and connection – both of which Tasmania can offer in spades.

How does Tasmania - Come Down for Air meet the needs of these markets?

Modern city life is full of stress with constant trigger moments.  These include long commutes, crowds, constant digital connectivity, high living costs, noise pollution, smog and grime.  The speed and pressure of modern life has created an appetite for better ways of living.  Our research shows that attitudes towards travel are changing and they are seen as a need to ‘service the soul’.  Many people are seeking authenticity, connection with natural environments and connection with themselves and their loved ones.  Tasmania plays strongly in this space and will deliver on the promise Tasmania - Come Down for Air offers.

How have we showcased the entire state through Tasmania - Come Down for Air?

Tourism Tasmania has a strong focus on encouraging greater visitor spend and dispersal through its marketing strategy.  We continually work with Tasmania’s regional tourism organisations to unearth creative and anti-ordinary experiences that can bring the brand to life through connection and authenticity.  Based on recommendations, we aim to showcase a fair and equitable spread of product across the four regions, as well as King and Flinders Islands.    We continually evolve our content as we move through the different campaigns, especially on our website, to allow ongoing opportunities to showcase different product and experiences which are aligned to the new brand.

I don’t see a particular product featured, why and how do I become involved?

Tasmania - Come Down for Air is supported by various campaign bursts during the calendar year to allow plenty of scope for a variety of experiences and products to be showcased. Tourism Tasmania makes decisions on product inclusions based on a range of factors, but most importantly product must align with the brand, tell the story and resonate with audiences.  Achieving an equitable spread of product and experiences across the entire state is also important to us.  This has been a big consideration in developing the new campaign.  We have worked closely with the Regional Tourism Organisations to seek their recommendations.  These inform our decision making but in the end we must make decisions on what will resonate with our target audiences.  For more information on how to be involved, click HERE.

Why isn’t there a focus on our icons?
Tourism Tasmania has a responsibility to ensure it is taking a destination management approach to its marketing choices.  That means showing visitors different ways to experience our icons helping to disperse crowds and maintaining the ‘Come down for air’ feeling.  We’ve worked with the regional tourism organisations and the Parks and Wildlife Service to illustrate to our potential visitors how you can enjoy a wider range of experiences across the state and to illustrate how you interact safely with our wildlife and in conservation areas.