Tasmania – Come Down for Air

The state’s evolved tourism brand Tasmania - Come Down for Air invites travellers to take a break from the stress and routine of their everyday lives. When everywhere can feel generic – our potential visitors are being encouraged to feel more human on an island of difference.

Tasmania - Come Down for Air celebrates everything about our home.  It captures our sense of being and provides a platform to communicate who we are as people.   Here in Tasmania we have a unique perspective on life and we’re inviting others to join us.  Hear more here from our Chief Executive Officer, John Fitzgerald, and Chief Marketing Officer, Emma Terry.

Tasmania - Come Down for Air brings calm to the cacophony of modern life and is the antidote to modern day advertising.  There will be no picture perfect moments or models experiencing generic activities.  Instead, our brand rejects the sea of sameness and communicates with travellers in an anti-ordinary way.

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Frequently asked questions

Communicating the new brand with audiences

Advertising is now underway across Australia’s eastern seaboard.  Tasmania - Come Down for Air will be showcased through a range of channels which have the ability to reach large audiences including television, cinema, print, as well as social and digital advertisements.

Our television advertisements are designed to deliver a moment of calm to our audiences, providing a much-needed break to traditional forms of television and radio advertising.  As a result, they’re a little different – but in a good way.

For more videos, please check out our YouTube Channel.

You will see us responding to our audiences’ needs by showcasing micro-moments designed to cut-through their busy lives. Here are a couple of examples of short videos that will be run on digital channels:


1:35 pm - Off Bruny Island

Lunch. Sourced minutes ago by Tom, your friendly fisherman, chef and waiter.

Southern Lights 

11:39 pm – In Tasmania

The Southern Lights can be a tease, for other nights there are other lights.

Tasmania - Come Down for Air will be showcased on billboards, in airport lounges, railway stations, office lobbies, elevator screens and on street furniture.

Written articles will unpack the storylines of Tasmania and its people, showing readers what is possible in Tasmania and helping them to discover what they can do across the island.  We will be telling longer stories about our place and taking a deeper dive into our product and experiences.  For examples, visit discovertasmania.com.au/air