Brand Marketing

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Tourism Tasmania’s domestic and international marketing activities focus on brand marketing, content generation, brand advocacy, partnering for conversion and stakeholder engagement.

Tourism Tasmania encourages leisure travel by connecting people emotionally and culturally to Tasmania. It does this by promoting a unique tourism brand that presents a consistent, compelling and readily identifiable character for the state.

Tourism Tasmania undertakes major brand campaigns throughout the year in our domestic target markets to raise awareness of the destination and encourage people to book. Tourism Tasmania’s brand campaigns engage all of our marketing approaches for maximum impact. We align social media engagement to campaign themes and produce brand-aligned content for media advertising and partnering organisations. Taking a holistic approach to marketing reinforces our campaign messages, extends campaign reach and raises awareness of our in-market activities.

We also undertake research to evaluate the impact of our brand campaigns, working with research company TNS Australia to track consumer behaviour throughout the campaigns. Tourism Tasmania uses the findings to inform subsequent campaigns over the coming year. We also use our Tourism Info Monitor (TIM) and Tourism Australia’s Consumer Demand research program to monitor the state’s tourism performance and gain a deeper understanding of potential interstate and international visitors to Tasmania.

Go Behind the Scenery VIII and IX

The 2016 spring campaign, Go Behind the Scenery VIII – Stories Told from the Inside Out, is the eighth campaign since the launch of the Go Behind the Scenery series. The campaign ran from 10 July to 27 August 2016 and saw Tourism Tasmania invest in media advertising in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, engaging audiences through TV, print, cinema, outdoor and digital advertising.

The campaign is also the third to take a video-based approach featuring stories told by locals intended to generate an emotional engagement with consumers. Due to the success of the videos in the two previous campaigns, the campaign again focused on screen-led activity delivered through television, digital and outdoor media channels with campaign vignettes and a television commercial shot with high production values. The campaign’s call to action drove consumers to the Go Behind the Scenery microsite to view the videos.

The strategy resulted in over 284,000 visitors to the website and over 83,000 video views. This exceeded the target by 11 per cent and represented a 130 per cent increase in video views compared to Go Behind the Scenery – Spring 2015. The spring campaign performed exceptionally well in market, reaching the highest level of recall in two years.

The social media focus of the campaign consisted of paid social advertising across Facebook and organic social activity across Facebook and Twitter. Using short and long-form content pieces created by local digital advocates and visiting storytellers (bloggers, photographers and Instagrammers), our Insiders’ Guide on the microsite continued to present a wide range of informative and engaging Tasmania stories.

Go Behind the Scenery – IX ran from 26 February to 15 April, 2017. The campaign aimed to move consumers from awareness of Tasmania as a desirable holiday destination to planning a holiday in Tasmania. To do this, the campaign encouraged planning by giving the viewer a sense of place. Through the use of an online mapping tool, and highlighting the website’s Stories Told from the Inside Out, Tourism Tasmania presented the content in a way that turned the stories into accessible and achievable experiences, seamlessly moving the consumer from intention to planning.

Overall, the campaign showed a decrease in engagement compared to the previous year’s autumn campaign with the number of people engaging with the campaign decreasing by 49.7 per cent. This is most likely a result of the campaign targeting a narrower market segment – those moving from intention to planning – compared to previous campaigns where the intent was to address a broader market in raising awareness and intention to travel.

Season of Curious II

Tourism Tasmania ran Season of Curious II from 30 April to 11 June 2017, with some activity continuing through to July 2017. The promotion aimed to increase visitation over this traditionally quieter period by highlighting the many special events held in Tasmania over winter. The six-week winter promotion built on the exposure achieved by the 2016 winter campaign and took a content-led approach, supported by paid advertising, that featured Tasmania’s winter events and festivals.

Tourism Tasmania invested around $1.35 million on digital advertising as well as the creation and distribution of new content. All calls to action were to travel partner, Tas Vacations. The events promoted included Dark Mofo, The Tempest exhibition, Devonport Jazz Festival, Festival of Voices, Huon Mid-Winter Fest and Chocolate Winterfest.

Tourism Tasmania undertook additional cooperative marketing with event and commercial travel partners to raise awareness of Tasmania’s edgy winter events and festivals and also to expand the channels for people to book a winter break. Commercial travel partners included Flight Centre, Escape Travel, Expedia, RACT Destinations and Qantas. The results of the campaign are not yet available at the time of print.

Dark Mofo

Tourism Tasmania leveraged Dark Mofo through its Season of Curious II campaign, given the event’s high affinity with our tourism brand. Over 100 media representatives were accredited for the festival with media coverage tracked in more than 28 countries including Australia, USA, United Kingdom and Germany.  Cooperative activities were also undertaken with Qantas and Canon Collective to promote the festival to the mainland, and cross promotional messaging embedded in communications to increase interstate visitation, length of stay and regional dispersal.

Hawthorn Football Club

Tasmania’s sponsorship of the Hawthorn Football Club allows Tourism Tasmania to harness significant promotional opportunities including a presence on the club’s websites and through the Tasmania Game of the Year, a Melbourne-based home game dedicated to Tasmania. With ground signage and public relations activities evident on the day. This year’s match was broadcast to an audience of around 382,000 with a match day crowd of 35,000 and a corporate audience of 350 in the prestigious President’s Function.

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