Highlights for 2014-15

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Annual Report 2014-15

The total value of interstate media advertising  and supporting marketing activities for our marketing campaign Go Behind the  Scenery – Spring 2014 was $5 million, making it one of the largest seasonal  tourism campaigns undertaken by Tourism Tasmania and its partners.

Tourism Tasmania delivered a  comprehensive multi-platform campaign leveraging the exposure generated by the visit to Tasmania of  Chinese President Xi Jingping. Media coverage of the President's visit by  leading Chinese media organisations in China reached over 200 million people.  Around 11.68 million people viewed Tourism Tasmania's campaign hashtag on Weibo  because of the campaign.

Lonely Planet ranked Tasmania  number four in their list of Top Ten Regions in the World to Visit in 2015. In  response, Tourism Tasmania implemented dedicated industry, trade and consumer  communications strategies to stimulate local industry sentiment and maximise  the tourism opportunities  and returns generated by the announcement. Tourism Tasmania's social media coverage  achieved 2.7 million views during the first week of the announcement.

Tourism Tasmania hosted  Invite the World to Dinner, a gala event that saw some of the world's most  recognised chefs, food critics and international media-influencers come to  Tasmania for a food celebration featuring Tasmania's quality produce. The  combined reach of the international influencers through social channels was 106  million, with 7.2 million impressions across Tourism Tasmania's social media  channels.

In  conjunction with Invite the World to Dinner, Tourism Tasmania delivered 27 pre  and post famils that incorporated food and wine experiences from across the  state.

In  September, Tourism Tasmania led a Sales Mission to Pan Asia, attended by 16  Tasmanian businesses and in March, Tourism Tasmania CEO John Fitzgerald  accompanied a trade delegation to China, led by the Premier of Tasmania.

A Win Your  Stay competition, held as part of Tourism Tasmania's Autumn 2015 marketing  campaign, saw 5,000 new sign ups to the Discover Tasmania newsletter.

Since  introducing three Tassie Specialist online training modules, 500 travel agents  have successfully completed the training and qualified as Tassie Specialists.  This past year saw 308 agents qualify.

Tourism Tasmania introduced a two-day Tassie  Specialist Conference exclusively for qualified Tassie Specialists that  included participation in pre and post famils managed by Tourism Tasmania. The  inaugural event attracted 75 specialist travel agents who engaged with 30  Tasmanian operators.

A Talkabout Tassie Roadshow  saw 18 Tasmanian operators present their product to around 260 travel agents in  Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Over the year, Tourism  Tasmania's social media community across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  substantially increased from 68,669 followers to 305,694 followers, an increase  of 345 per cent, demonstrating the growing popularity of Tasmania as a travel  destination on social media.

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