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These activities encompass destination brand development and marketing, domestic and international tourism campaigns, major event marketing, niche tourism promotions, public relations, social media and online marketing.

To support its own marketing programs, Tourism Tasmania enters into commercial marketing partnerships with domestic and international carriers, travel retailers and brand partners to facilitate the sharing and promotion of Tasmanian tourism experiences and stimulate holiday sales and bookings to Tasmania.  Tourism Tasmania's destination marketing plays an important part in achieving the government and tourism industry's shared Tourism 21 goal to grow the state's visitor economy.

As part of this approach, Tourism Tasmania also works closely with the Department of State Growth and other government agencies responsible for matching the growth of Tasmania's visitor economy with the supply of adequate air and sea access, new tourism experiences, accommodation and infrastructure,  and a suitably skilled workforce.

Tourism Tasmania also encourages the growth of a strong regional tourism sector able to undertake industry development, capacity building and tourism marketing programs for their regions. To achieve our goal, Tourism Tasmania's activities focus on brand marketing, content generation, brand advocacy  and working with partners to increase awareness and bookings.

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