Tourism Info Monitor - TIM

The Tourism info Monitor (TIM) provides a regular snapshot of changes in the characteristics, behaviours, perceptions, motivations and intentions of travelling Australians and in particular those  who are considering travel to Tasmania.

Information gained through TIM includes:

  • How travellers perceive Tasmania as a travel destination, compared with other Australian states and territories
  • Travellers' level of advertising awareness about Tasmania and how they receive and source their travel information
  • Who is considering travel to Tasmania in the next 12 months and the next two to three years.

TIM also identifies the activities Australian travellers enjoy when on holiday - particularly those considering travel to Tasmania - as well as how far in advance Australian travellers plan their trips, their decision-making triggers, and how Tasmania rates against a select range of important  holiday features.

Quarterly reports

Tourism Tasmania publishes quarterly reports on the results of the survey to help tourism operators with their marketing and business decisions.

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