T21 COVID-19 Industry Recovery Survey

The COVID pandemic has severely impacted our tourism and hospitality sector. Times are tough but the foundations are strong.

T21 is a long-established partnership between the Tasmanian Government, TICT and THA. It is led by the Premier’s Visitor Economy Advisory Council, chaired by the Premier. This partnership is focussed on supporting you, our industry, through to recovery. There is work already underway with our aviation partners to rebuild air access and stimulate demand for tourism and hospitality businesses as restrictions are eased through the roadmap to recovery.

There’s much more to be done.

What made us special prior to this crisis, remain. Our landscape remains rare and beautiful. Our people are still warm and welcoming. Our tourism infrastructure endures. Our brand in market remains strong.

The T30 Recovery Plan is focussed on restoring Tasmania’s tourism and hospitality sectors to be the valuable contributor to Tasmania’s economy, jobs and regional communities that they were pre-COVID. We need to hear from you – our industry – about how COVID continues to impact you and what you believe are the highest priorities for recovery.

This survey directly informs the T30 Recovery Plan. Our industry’s success has been built on innovation and ideas, boldness and sheer hard work, individual enterprise and enduring partnerships. We want to draw on these strengths as we develop our recovery plan.

This survey – its data and your views - is critical information in restoring the vibrancy of Tasmanian tourism and hospitality and its contribution to the Tasmanian economy. The survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes – please take the time to input into this important work.

This survey has now closed

We’d like to thank the 460 operators who participated and have been part of shaping the recovery of our industry.

If you’d like to hear some of the key themes we’ve received through the survey, you can watch a recording of our online information session.