UK viewers urged to travel to Tasmania for their next big holiday

Tourism Tasmania has launched a new television campaign (TVC) in the United Kingdom to increase awareness of Tasmania as a premium travel destination.

The TVC is airing from 12 February through to 4 March 2018 on the country’s largest subscription TV platform, Sky TV, which is seen by around 12 million viewers.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Tasmania, John Fitzgerald, said the UK continued to be an important and growing market for the state.

“In the 12 months to September 2017, 26 000 visitors from the UK visited Tasmania - an increase of 9 per cent on the previous year. On average, each visitor spent just over $1 575 in Tasmania, equating to an estimated total spend of $41 million over the 12 month period.

“The UK is the ideal location to launch our first international TVC as we’ve been able to use content and material that has resonated in Australia but also has a strong connection with the UK audience.

“In addition to Tourism Tasmania’s continuing focus in North America, Asia and Continental Europe, the time is right to invest in the United Kingdom to take advantage of a rebound in consumer confidence. The market has also been well prepared through multiple flight deals, offers and content about Australia – especially through a campaign which kicked off in January run by Tourism Australia, Flight Centre and Etihad.

“The campaign aims to increase awareness of Tasmania as a premium travel destination and will target an audience with a high potential to make Tasmania their next big holiday in 2018-19.

“Titled Under Down Under, the TVC features iconic images and animals, encapsulating the uniqueness of Tasmania. It urges potential visitors to uncover the hidden gem of Australia and discover the nation’s best kept secret,” John Fitzgerald said.

Tourism Tasmania has partnered with the UK’s leading distribution partner, the Flight Centre Travel Group, which has an active and strong retail network and extensive reach across the country. As part of the campaign, it will run a month-long digital, press and in-store program.

He said that the three week TVC campaign aligns closely with Tourism Tasmania’s international strategy by ensuring opportunities to continually promote Tasmania to the market are investigated through direct consumer communications and trade activities.

Tourism Tasmania will spend $955 000 on the campaign, with the Flight Centre Travel Group contributing an additional $150 000.

13 February 2018