Information on the recovery of Tasmania’s visitor economy for the tourism and hospitality industry

UPDATE: Please refer to the Industry Recovery Portal for the latest information.

The enduring partnership between industry and government, T21 has been activated to drive the recovery of Tasmania’s tourism and hospitality industry from COVID-19.

T21 will guide the industry as it rebuilds to once again be a valuable contributor to Tasmania’s economy, growing jobs for Tasmanians and benefits for regional communities. You can read more about the partnership at and read the T21 Visitor Economy Action Plan 2020-22 and the six month action plan.

The Premier’s Visitor Economy Advisory Committee is meeting regularly, supported by the T21 Steering Committee and a dedicated T21 Recovery Working Group.

Taking the first step towards recovery

It’s important that you make yourself aware of the current restrictions in place for Tasmania which can be found at

We all have a responsibility to keep our staff and guests safe in the COVID-19 environment. Read the checklist for operators for information on how to ensure your business is COVID-19 Safe.

Information to help inform your recovery planning

Stay connected for important updates through Tourism Tasmania newsletter and your regional tourism organisation.

Official Tasmanian guidance and assistance

Insights and data to aid in business planning

Business support, training and development opportunities

Updates on intrastate marketing campaign and what you can do to get involved

  • An intrastate marketing campaign is underway to encourage Tasmanians to holiday at home safely, and support the local tourism industry. Find out more about the Make Yourself at Home campaign and download the industry toolkit.
  • A hospitality campaign is also underway to encourage Tasmanians to visit their local pub, restaurant, cafés or venue. Find out more about the Welcome Back campaign and download the industry toolkit.
  • Register your business on the Buy Something Tasmanian website if you’d like to benefit from the Make Yourself at Home marketing campaign.

Our demand generation recovery plan – focus areas

Tourism Tasmania will focus on supporting the rebuild of Tasmania’s visitor economy and ensure demand for travel to the state supports our efforts to restore important air and sea access to Tasmania.
We plan to:

  • Encourage Tasmanians to explore our state and support our local tourism and hospitality businesses: Make Yourself at Home is encouraging Tasmanians to travel around their own backyard and explore for day trips, weekends and longer periods. The Welcome Back campaign is also in market to encourage Tasmanians to get out support their local hospitality venues.
  • Increase our presence in the domestic marketplace: The first phase of our interstate marketing program has commenced to continue building interest in our state prior to the borders reopening. Phases two and three will be implemented from mid-October to evolve our brand and content and drive conversion.
  • New Zealand campaign: Tourism Tasmania will be promoting the state in New Zealand in early 2021 to drive awareness and entice New Zealanders to holiday in Tasmania to experience everything the state has to offer.
  • Tasmania as a world leading road trip destination: Our state is the perfect touring destination and this style of travel will be seen more than ever as a safe travel option. We know these travellers stay longer and spend more in regional communities and our touring strategy will position the state as a premier destination in the mind of these consumers. The five Tasmanian Drive Journeys will be launched to the intrastate market in October.
  • Unordinary Adventures: Our Unordinary Adventures program will continue to promote the state and target travellers who are passionate about walking, golf, fly fishing and mountain biking to pursue their passion by holidaying in Tasmania.

Information current as at 14:00 on 1 October 2020