Growing a tourism and hospitality workforce for summer


Tourism and hospitality is a great industry to work in. After a hard couple of years due to COVID-19, we are back in business. Australians want to travel and demand to visit Tasmania is strong. Tasmanians want to connect with each other in our hospitality venues. We need workers for summer.

Our sector offers fun, flexibility and the chance to connect with people who are enjoying our state and we want to attract our fellow Tasmanians into our industry.

Through the T21 partnership, the Tasmanian Government, TICT and THA are launching three initiatives aimed at growing our workforce for summer but also with an eye to the longer term to address some of the challenges the tourism and hospitality industries face in attracting and retaining staff.

The three initiatives include:

  • A ‘one stop shop’ online portal for jobs, training and employer resources – it’s free to load jobs, connects jobseekers with jobs and training, and showcases our industry and career pathways
  • A marketing campaign to encourage locals to work in tourism and hospitality, commencing mid-November
  • A series of short industry courses designed to address critical skills gaps and help make people work-ready quickly.

Recent research has helped us understand what we can do to help.

Read the Tasmanians in Tourism and Hospitaility Report [PDF 5MB] to find our more.

Jobs portal

Tasmanian Tourism and Hospitality Jobs is a free, fast, and easy way for Tasmanian tourism and hospitality businesses to connect with potential new employees.

The jobs portal makes it easy to attract the right person for your job. Role description templates are provided and the copy and paste function makes it easy to upload your job advert onto the jobs portal.

You can also advertise your job in your business using the Job Beacon function that allows you to print and display a poster that contains all the information about your job. It’s QR coded so jobseekers can use their smartphones to access the full position description and apply directly online.

Sign up at now and take the first step towards growing your team.

Marketing campaign

A new digital and radio marketing campaign will target Tasmanians who are under 25 – just left school, late school years or maybe looking for the gap year that they can’t take overseas.

We know early retirees also want valuable work but not a full time job, and a print and digital campaign will target these locals to share their experience and skills supporting our tourism and hospitality businesses.

The campaign will be the call to action for the new one stop shop portal for all industry jobs and training.

The campaign will begin in mid-November and run through summer.

Industry short courses

Critical skills gaps are being filled by short course industry training, delivered by our new industry-owned training organisation VXT, to support the new workforce.

The short courses are designed to quickly upskill employees and can assist employers to speed up the onboarding process for new hires. Course fees start from $80 a person.

Visit or call 0497 473 848 to find out more.

The Summer Workforce Project has received grant funding from the Australian Government under the Recovery for Regional Tourism program, an initiative of the $1 billion COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund.

This is an initiative of T21 delivered jointly by the Tasmanian Government and our industry partners: