Dark Mofo is setting the stage for the next decade


Dark Mofo organisers have announced that they will be changing focus for next year to enable the team to work on a renewed vision and set the stage for a stronger and more sustainable festival for the future.

While the wider Dark Mofo festivities hit pause for 2024, Dark Mofo will continue to deliver two of their major drawcard events, Winter Feast and the Nude Solstice Swim, along with a new exhibition at Mona.

You can learn more about Dark Mofo’s announcement via this Tasmanian Government media release.

In 2024, Tourism Tasmania will respond to changes in the festival programming and ensure Tasmania stays top of mind for Australians next winter, Tourism Tasmania will:

  • Increase investment in our Off Season program with higher reaching paid media channels and expanded media plan.
  • Pursue a new strategic airline partnership to drive bookings to the state across the entire winter.
  • Deliver a one-off industry content program helping support the promotion of Off Season offers.
  • Boost the agency’s PR program to drive earned media for Tasmania globally.
  • Working with Events Tas to increase the awareness of the full winter events program.

There is also an additional $1.8 million provided to Business Events Tasmania over three years to attract more business events and conferences, with an immediate focus on winter 2024.

Watch the above video to learn more about our plans to drive visitation to Tasmania through the cooler months.