AI no match for Tasmanian authenticity: introducing TasmanAi

14 February 2024

With the use of AI image generators on the rise, Tourism Tasmania has launched TasmanAi, an image generator with a twist. Instead of images created instantly with a click of a button, TasmanAi results in ‘real’ artworks, such as paintings, illustrations and drawings, made over time by Tasmanian artists. 

TasmanAi shows the world that instant isn’t always better. There is joy in slowing down, taking time to think and celebrating craftsmanship – all which is intrinsic to the Tasmanian visitor experience and way of life. It’s a fun and meaningful way for potential visitors to engage with Tasmania’s tourism brand, highlighting the authenticity and creativity of the island through some of Tasmania’s talented artists.

Tasmania’s arts and cultural offerings are a significant tourism drawcard. Tasmanian Visitor Survey results from year ending June 2023 highlight a strong demand for seeing and purchasing art in Tasmania, revealing 87.5 per cent of leisure visitors went to a museum or a gallery in Tasmania, and 50 per cent of all visitors browsed or purchased Tasmanian-made art/craft.

How TasmanAi works

TasmanAi  invites members of the public to submit image prompts via the Discover Tasmania Website.

The image prompts are paired with an iconic place in Tasmania, and if an artist feels inspired by a prompt, they’ll bring it to life as an original artwork. Once complete, the artwork will be sent to whoever submitted the prompt – a special piece of Tasmania for them to keep.

Tourism Tasmania worked closely with Arts Tasmania to engage artists for TasmanAi. The nine Tasmanian artists involved are Josh Foley, Eloise Lark, Jamin, Alan Young, Caleb Nichols-Mansell, Christopher Downes, Sam Lyne, Steffi Koppelwell and Wayne Looyen.

Prompt submissions are open until 4 March 2024. Visit