Tourism Tasmania supports The Tasmanian Queer Woodchop Championships

7 February 2023

Tourism Tasmania has partnered with Mona Foma in support of an artistic event called The Tasmanian Queer Woodchop Championships by artists Pony Express.

Presented as part of Mona Foma’s 2023 festival program, The Tasmanian Queer Woodchop Championship sees the classic country-show competition reimagined as a joyous, queer festivity and interactive performance with live music and commentary. It aims to celebrate past and present woodchopping champions, the strong legacy of the sport in Tasmania, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride.

The partnership coincides with Australia hosting the internationally renowned LGBTQIA+ festival WorldPride for the first time. A marketing campaign for the event has been developed to target LGBTQIA+ audiences attending WorldPride, with a short burst of advertisements appearing across billboards and street furniture in and around Sydney’s CBD from 13 – 23 February 2023.

Tourism Tasmania recognises WorldPride in Australia as a significant opportunity to raise awareness of Tasmania as a holiday destination amongst LGBTQIA+ travellers, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to queer inclusivity in our tourism sector.  

The free event takes place at Mona on the Tennis Court at 3:30pm, Friday 24 February.

View The Tasmanian Queer Woodchop Championships video.