Goal 3: Enhance industry's competitive position

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Annual Report 2013-14

Tourism Tasmania undertakes and commissions research to ensure its business decisions and those of the state's tourism industry are evidenced-based. As part of this work, Tourism Tasmania commissions and coordinates market research to gain an understanding of the behaviour of visitors and the motivations  and desires of potential customers.

Tourism Tasmania reports quarterly on visitor numbers and other data in a series of online reports, a published Tourism Snapshot, a Fast Facts publication and a regular commentary by Tourism Tasmania's CEO on the TVS survey results.

The Tasmanian Visitor Survey (TVS), commissioned by Tourism Tasmania, provides a profile of the characteristics, travel behaviour and expenditure of international and domestic visitors to Tasmania. Tourism Tasmania uses another research tool, the Tourism Info Monitor (TIM), to complement the TVS. TIM  provides information on changes in the characteristics, behaviours, perceptions, motivations and intentions of travelling Australians and in particular those who are considering travel to Tasmania.

In addition to these ongoing research services, Tourism Tasmania also uses research to track the outcomes of its marketing campaigns. Tourism Tasmania engaged research company TNS to undertake consumer tracking of the 2013 spring campaign and the 2014 autumn campaign.

Tourism Tasmania also engaged research partners Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) to update a strategic scan of Tasmania's and Australia's industry trends. First undertaken in 2012, the latest strategic scan covered the period from 2011 to 2013 and provided valuable insights to inform Tourism Tasmania's  strategic and marketing priorities for 2014-15 and beyond.

Tourism Tasmania provided valuable research to support the needs of Tasmania's regional tourism organisations. Tourism Tasmania and Tourism Australia undertook research in 2013 to explore the perceptions of and satisfaction with Tasmania's regions among recent holiday visitors. Results from the research  were provided to Tasmania's regional tourism organisations to help shape their Destination Management Plans.

The plans were further supplemented with research undertaken in partnership with Tasmania's Parks and Wildlife Service in an effort to understand Tasmanians' intrastate travel behaviours.

Additional research activities through the year included the coordination of a project with Invest Tasmania to analyse Hobart's accommodation supply and demand and identify the accommodation needs of Hobart required to meet potential visitor growth.

Tourism Tasmania, in partnership with Roy Morgan Research undertook research on visitation to Flinders Island with the objective of tracking visitation activity in response to previous marketing initiatives as well as provide background information for future marketing initiatives.

In order to make Tourism Tasmania's research more readily available to the public Tourism Tasmania also upgraded its online reporting tool WebReporter, used to store and analyse the data collected from the TVS. The new TVS Analyser provides increased functionality and better usability for users of  the reporting tool.

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