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This is the website of Tourism Tasmania, a Tasmanian Government authority whose role is to deliver marketing and development programs that drive benefits for Tasmania from domestic and international tourism.


This website includes online copies of Tourism Tasmania's printed publications. The majority of these are in PDF format and can only be viewed using the Acrobat Reader plugin installed with your browser. Those without the plugin can download it free of charge from Adobe.

For users with a disability, see Adobe's screen-reader compatible, download page and the additional information below.

Downloading PDF files

To save PDF files onto your own computer, or if you are having problems viewing the PDF file from your browser, you should:

  • For PC: Right click the 'Download MP3' link, and 'Save Target As'
  • For Mac: Hold down the Control button and click

PDF file accessibility

People with disabilities who wish to access PDF format publications should either:

  1. Submit the URI of the PDF document to an online converter provided by Adobe, which will return the text in HTML format readable by appropriate speech conversion software.
  2. Download the PDF document and send it by email to Adobe for conversion and return in plain format.

We recommend that such users visit the Adobe Online conversion tools page and select the option that best suits their needs.

Microsoft Word and Excel files

This website occasionally uses Microsoft Word and Excel files. If you do not have these programs on your computer, you will need to download access them via Microsoft 365. can download readers free of charge that will allow you to view these documents.

Download Microsoft Word Viewer [1.2MB]

Download Microsoft Excel Viewer [1MB]

About MP3 and MPEG3 files

These files are used to deliver audio and video content. They are large files and as they may take some time to download are best suited to broadband connections. For visitors accessing the web using a dial-up modem, a 10MB file downloading through a 56 Kb modem will usually take about 30 minutes.

Website accessibility tips

Tabbing between fields in forms

All forms allow tabbing between consecutive fields.

New browser windows

Every link on this site opens in the existing browser window.

Multi-column tables

To improve accessibility for assisted technologies, this website makes minimal use of tables for structural elements and makes minimal use of multi-column tabular information, where possible.


This site makes limited use of Javascript. However, to view this website properly, please enable Javascript in your browser.

Further assistance

People with disabilities who require assistance in accessing Tourism Tasmania publications should call (03) 6165 5309 and ask for website access support.