Tasmanian Visitor Survey Analyser

Introduction to the TVS Analyser

The Tasmanian Visitor Survey (TVS) provides a profile of the characteristics, travel behaviour and expenditure of international and domestic visitors to Tasmania. The TVS Analyser is a publicly-accessible source of data from this survey, providing a useful source of insights for a variety of sectors, including Tasmania’s tourism industry.

The Introduction to the TVS Analyser webinar will show you how to use the analyser, explain the types of data collected and how to interpret the data. Step-by-step examples will be provided, including how to extract data on visitor numbers, number of nights, as well as drill down into data on regions, places and attractions visited.

The Introduction to the TVS Analyser webinar will be offered at the times below:

  • Friday, 27 March, 2:00 – 2:45 pm  postponed
  • Wednesday, 1 April, 1:00 – 1:45 pm register here

You can access the webinar from your computer, simply by following the instructions in the registration links.

Do you have a particular question you’d like answered in our webinars?  If so, send it in and we’ll try to address it over the life of the webinar series. Send us an email with your suggestions to talk@tourism.tas.gov.au