Closure of Mount Field National Park, Hasting Caves and Wellington Park

  Will Hodgman, Premier & Minister for Parks.

The Parks and Wildlife Service have advised given bushfire activity and current weather forecasts that the Mount Field National Park, Hastings Caves and Thermal Pool, and Wellington Park will be closed on Friday 25 January 2019.

The Mount Wellington Park Management Trust has also indicated that it will close the Pinnacle Road from 10 pm on Thursday night.

PWS will be working with visitors and tourism operators to ensure they are made aware of these closures.

Our firefighters are working hard to keep the community safe, and we can help make their jobs easier by heeding warnings and acting on advice from our emergency services.

Those planning or considering visits to our Parks in coming days need to ensure they have checked the Parks for updated information -

The Government’s priority is community and visitor safety and the entire community has a role to play. If you see a fire report it immediately to 000.

For accurate and up to date information about bushfires in your area please visit

24 January 2019