Expressions of interest

Tourism Tasmania’s winter program will be a critical component of the tourism industry’s continuing recovery in 2021. There is still some uncertainty around travel, and we know that the travel market will be crowded with destinations around the country competing to attract Australians. But we have unique strengths that can provide the state with a competitive advantage.

Winter is our best kept secret, because when the weather gets cold, Tasmania only gets more Tasmanian. We embrace the season – we know that cold air followed by hot fires and warm food make the jolts to the system worth it. Winter is the time when our products and experiences are the most different from other states. We want to own winter, play to our strengths and invite you to join us in sharing our winter offering with the rest of Australia in our own anti-ordinary way.

We know our connection to each other is one of our competitive advantages and that if we have a consistent approach or message in market, we can make the most impact. That’s why we want to share our winter program with as many tourism operators as possible and offer you tools and opportunities to help bring Tasmania’s winter program to life.

Your participation in the Winter 2021 program will:

  • help you create a compelling visitor experience, specific to the cooler months
  • help to ensure visitors and potential visitors receive consistent messages about winter in Tasmania, making it easier to understand, and therefore more desirable as a destination
  • show visitors how winter is done in Tasmania – it’s embraced, not endured!

Getting involved

We will be running an EOI process to make sure our campaign and website content features products and experiences that meet a few simple criteria.

Eligible operators who submit an EOI will be tagged on an ATDW list as part of the winter program and therefore appear in the results list when people filter by winter associated terms, they will also be provided with a toolkit and special winter symbol to use in their business or marketing activity.

Additionally, we will be looking for operators that have a unique winter offering, feature or story, to be included in the campaign program for example:

  • featured in advertising
  • included on Tourism Tasmania’s channels including a website for the winter program and social media
  • highlighted in PR/ media opportunities

The earlier you get involved, the greater the potential opportunities for inclusion.

Requirements for participation

To be considered for program inclusion, you will need to do the following:

  • Update your ATDW listing - ensure all of your information on Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is correct, including your opening hours (where applicable). We also suggest you ensure the opening hours on your website and/or Google for Business listing are up to date. This is imperative as visitors will be looking for information on your business online and it’s important that contact details and operating hours are accurate and up to date.
  • Remain open for business during the cooler months (1 May – 31 August)
  • Create a new/special winter offering for visitors. Once finalised, this will be uploaded to ATDW by Tourism Tasmania on your behalf. More details will be provided on the new/special winter offering in the EOI Guidelines – your offering can be as small and simple or as large and complex as you wish to make it.
  • Agree to use the winter program symbol in your business and communications. More details on the symbol will be provided in the EOI Guidelines.
  • Be willing to participate in Tourism Tasmania media or advertising opportunities if they arise.
  • Have a COVID-Safe plan in place and follow the guidelines outlined on the WorkSafe website.

Getting started

  1. Register to receive the EOI guidelines
    Register now
  2. Once you have received and read the EOI guidelines in detail, submit your Winter Program EOI for review
    Submit your EOI

EOI submissions are due by Sunday, 7 March 2021.

Future EOI rounds will be due by 28 March, 26 April and 24 May.

EOI review

As we review the EOIs and develop program content Tourism Tasmania will:

  • Aim to include as many registered (via the EOI process) products/experiences as possible across our channels
  • Consider product/experience inclusions in the context of;
    • achieving a balance of products/experiences and ensuring we showcase all regions of the state;
    • including experiences that are unique to winter 2021;
    • ensuring our content and creative supports safety and conservation messaging with respect to our wildlife and natural environment; and
    • including products/experiences that are aligned to Tasmania’s brand (you can read more about our brand here).

Please note. We don’t guarantee that your product or experience will be featured in the winter program and we don’t tolerate or promote offensive behaviours or communications.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

There will be further rounds of the EOI – please keep an eye out for updates via Tourism Talk – but we encourage you to complete your submission as soon as possible.

Tourism Tasmania values the privacy of individual's personal information. This information will be used for the purposes of developing content for the Winter 2021 Program. Please click here for more information on Tourism Tasmania’s privacy statement and practices as set out in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004.