Marketing strategy 2012-17

In 2012, Tourism Tasmania undertook the development of a five-year tourism marketing strategy.

Tourism Tasmania developed the new strategy using extensive market and consumer research, identifying the most effective way to market the state’s tourism over the coming years.

Consumer research shows that the way people are obtaining information, opinions and ideas about travel and destinations is changing. This means that the way Tourism Tasmania markets the state in the coming years must change as well.

The new approach to marketing Tasmanian tourism over the next five years will ensure that we continue to get the best results from our available resources in a changing marketplace.

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Main features of the new marketing approach

Consumer research will continue to guide and refine our marketing approach  

Although it's long been a part of Tasmania’s tourism marketing, research will play a more important role in analysing, determining and measuring our future marketing activities. This includes applying a test and measure approach when developing new or major marketing initiatives, measuring how  they are performing, and sharing these results along with any insights, with the tourism industry.

Tourism Tasmania will use content generated by third-parties to inspire people to holiday in Tasmania  

This refers to the stories, articles, information, documentaries, photos and videos about Tasmania and the experiences on offer throughout the state. Under the new approach, everyone will have the opportunity to create this content, rather than Tourism Tasmania. A lot of amazing images, videos, stories  and other articles about Tasmania have already been created by experts, past visitors, bloggers, journalists, locals and media.

More effort will be put into identifying third-party stories, pictures, videos and experiences, and sharing them more widely

Our past, current and future visitors can help market Tasmania by sharing their own experiences. We will encourage and help visitors to share their experiences more widely, even while they are travelling in the state. Tourism Tasmania will also search out other great Tasmanian articles and imagery  from local, interstate and international sources. This means having the technology to find those stories and images wherever they are, and then having the right technology and media channels to share them widely with others.

Identifying people who want to have a relationship with Tasmania and engaging with them in a more sophisticated way  

There will be a focus on finding more people who want to have a closer connection with Tasmania, and communicating with them more regularly and in a more sophisticated way, about the things that interest them. In addition to Tourism Tasmania, there are many other tourism businesses like airlines, hotel  chains, tourism groups and travel agent networks who also have a list of loyal customers and social media followers. Their customers also represent a potential source of visitors and Tourism Tasmania will work with them to develop new customer relationships, and build stronger connections between their  customers and Tasmania.

Other significant elements of the new approach

Incorporating the new tourism brand message into all of Tourism Tasmania’s future marketing activities and behaviour  

Over the coming years, there will be a focus on promoting and demonstrating the new brand, by highlighting what‘s good and different about Tasmania, and looking for ways to cut through the usual destination marketing clutter.

Tasmania’s tourism marketing continuously on the go  

Over the next five years, the gaps between Tourism Tasmania’s main seasonal advertising campaigns will be filled with other marketing activities to keep the state firmly in the minds of our target audience all year-round.

Change of focus for each of the two main seasonal campaigns  

In future, the spring advertising campaign will place more emphasis on using media to feature stories about Tasmania and inspire people to plan and book a Tasmanian holiday, whereas the autumn advertising campaign will focus on highlighting deals, offers and packages to stimulate immediate travel ahead  of the looming winter. Having a different emphasis for each campaign is an effective way to stimulate both consideration and sales throughout different seasonal stages.

Directing more international marketing resources towards the Asia travel market  

Asia is forecast to become the major source of overseas visitor growth to Australia and to Tasmania into the future. Tourism Tasmania identified this future opportunity as part of its international marketing strategy review. The findings, recommendations and decisions from this review were announced  in January 2013.

New Discover Tasmania consumer website  

Tourism Tasmania is creating a visually attractive and easy to navigate website, filled with useful and trusted information, images and insights about what you can see, do and visit in Tasmania. But in keeping with the main features of the new marketing approach described above, third parties will  be creating the stories, information and images of Tasmania, rather than Tourism Tasmania.

Changing emphasis of the Visiting Journalist Program  

This very successful program is being expanded and renamed the Visiting Influencers Program, in recognition that today there are many people other than journalists who have large networks of followers and can influence people's travel choices.